Eli Wallace – Barriers


Barriers is a solo piano recording of a live performance at Scholes Street Studio in June of 2018. In this recording, Wallace performed one improvised piece of music, navigating through different musical atmospheres throughout. For this concert, he was concerned with shifting sounds and ideas through layered transitions, where oftentimes the next musical section will be heard underneath what is currently going on before emerging to the fore. In this recording Wallace deliberately transitioned from playing inside the piano to playing traditionally on the keys and often used both simultaneously, marrying the two elements together into one cohesive sound. In the solo piano format, Wallace was able to fully channel his compositional tendencies through his improvisational impulses. While he displayed some of the energetic dynamic playing for which he is known, he primarily focused on exploring different sounds and textures and how they overlap. Through use of these varied sounds – sustains, pops, scrapes, plucks, swooshes – that Wallace was able to execute, we hear a solo piano album that is contemplative and meditative, yet full of vitality and momentum.



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